Shortening the Distance, Building the Food Community: The organic market Bazar Ekologiczny Krótka Droga, Wrocław

Article from the RIPESS Europe newsletter - December 2021

Mariusz Sibila, Eva Riecanska, Monika Onyszkiewicz, December 2021

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The story of the Bazar Ekologiczny Krótka Droga started to unfold in 2009 when a group of local activists in Wrocław set up the Falanster – a book store and a café. At that time, a delegation of consumers and farmers from France promoting short supply chains came to visit the city. They were part of the URGENCI[1] network and wanted to popularise the idea of ​​AMAP (French for Association pour le maintien d’une Agriculture Paysanne), a French version of the Community Supported Agriculture.[2] They asked the local NGO Fundacja EkoRozwoju, known for its involvement in promotion of alternative food supply chains and support for local and organic food producers, for logistical help and gave a few lectures for organic farmers from Lower Silesia. At that time, there was only about a dozen of such farms in the area, and the farmers already knew each other from local seasonal events, including the “Eco-market” that Fundacja EkoRozwoju had been organising for several years already. All of them were very keen to get access to customers in a big city.

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