Webinar : Using a Candidate Questionnaire to Advance Solidarity Economics

US SEN and Transition US

luglio 2020

Partecipanti : Emily Kawano

The video : 59min14

Transition US and the US Solidarity Economy Network (US SEN) are developing a productive and synergistic working relationship to help build a « movement of movements. »

Transition US has created a « Politics & Policy » working group to help local Transition Initiatives (like Cooperation Humboldt) engage electoral politics to advance our mission to catalyze and strengthen a national network of citizen-powered groups who are building local resilience through community action.

US SEN has developed a candidate questionnaire to advance five key policy proposals that can be transformational to help transition: Worker-Owned Cooperatives, Public Banking, Participatory Budgeting, Community Land Trusts, and Local Energy.