Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e. V.

« Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin » is a network of individuals, initiatives and organisations working towards the common goal of research, development, training and education in the area of need-based local and regional technology, economic development and employment strategies, founded in 1985 and established as the social enterprise « TechNet e.V. » in the form of an association cetrified as working for the common good in 1987. It runs an « Economic Self-Help Training and Education Centre », the « Interdisciplinary Research Group Local Economy » based in the Technical University of Berlin until 2011, and the « Berlin Development Agency for Social Enterpris and Neighbourhood Economy (BEST) since 2004. A key focus of the research and development activities is the creation of job opportunities through the establishment of social enterprises as well as the transformation to a local social and solidarity-based economy. Via its work, TechNet has built up a wide range of contacts and co-operative relationships with similar projects, agencies, public sector bodies and enterprises all over Europe and abroad.. In this context it has also acted as the co-ordination office for the « European Network for Economic Self-Help and Local Development » between 1993 and 2006, which has been continued in the following years as an informal partnership for joint projects in the field

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