Rogerio Roque Amaro

Rogério Roque Amaro is Economist, PhD from the Université des Sciences Sociales II of Grenoble. Associate Professor of ISCTE (Department of Political Economy), teaches in the areas of Development and Social and Solidarity Economy. President of the Scientific Council and founding partner of the Centre for Studies for Solidarity Economy of the Atlantic (Ponta Delgada) and Director of the Review of Solidarity Economy. He currently belongs to the Advisory Board of RIPESS - Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy and to RIUESS - Inter-University Network of Social and Solidarity Economy. Founder and current vice-president of RedPES - Portuguese Network of Solidary Economy. Member of the Installing Commission of the Lusophone Network for Development and Social and Solidarity Economy.

13 Documents d’analyse/working papers/articles