Marco Coscione

Genoese by birth (1980), Graduate in International and Diplomatic Sciences (University of Genoa), with a Diploma on « The Future of the European Union and its Relations with Latin America. Towards Vienna 2006 » (University of Chile) and an Official Master’s Degree in « Contemporary Latin America and its relations with the EU: a strategic cooperation » (University of Alcalá and Ortega y Gasset University Research Institute, Madrid).

With several experiences of study, work and volunteering in Europe (especially Italy, Germany and Spain) and in Latin America and the Caribbean (Cuba, Chile, Peru, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Costa Rica).

I work as an organizational consultant, social researcher and advisor on issues of fair trade, responsible consumption, solidarity economy and social movements in Latin America.

I have written and coordinated several essays, articles and books. In this website you can find almost all my published works.

I currently live in Santiago de Chile. My Profile on LinkedIN

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