The Basic Income Grant in Namibia. Resource Book.

Claudia Haarmann, Dirk Haarmann, junio 2005

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Resumen :

In recent months, the Basic Income Grant proposal has generated an overwhelming response in Namibia, and the launch of the Basic Income Grant Coalition has added further public debate. This resource book is compiled in order to inform policy makers and civil society role players about the background and the details of the proposal for a Basic Income Grant in Namibia. In addition, it provides the results of research of the social, economic and financial implications of a BIG in Namibia.

The first section of the book documents the launch of the Basic Income Grant Coalition.

The second section explains the underlying concept of the Basic Income Grant. Crucial questions of understanding and clarification are addressed in order to form the basis for an informed debate about the


The third section introduces the key passages of the findings and recommendations made by the Government appointed Namibia Tax Consortium (NAMTAX).