Sitio de recursos de la economía social y solidaria

Unifying commons-based projects in a self-organised solidarity economy

Commons Institute Christian Siefkes, Johannes Euler, Gunter Kramp, Nikolas Kichler, noviembre 2016

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Resumen :

The following text, written by Christian Siefkes, Johannes Euler and Gunter Kramp, showcases an idea for unifying commons-based projects in a self-organised solidarity economy that’s easy and convenient to join.


1. Commons Associations

2. Context: Which Problems Are We Trying to Solve?

3. The Idea: An Association of Commons-Based Projects

4. A Shared Economy as a Flow of Contributions of Different Kinds

5. What Is Pooled

6. Paid Jobs within Projects

7. Formation of Prices

8. Decision-Making and Organizational Structures

9. Safeguarding Resources against Privatisation

10. Regionalism and Super-Regional Cooperation

11. Where the Low Threshold Comes From

12. Short Summary of the Concept’s Essential Features

13. Points to Discuss Further

14. Related Concepts