Sitio de recursos de la economía social y solidaria

Ανοιχτές άδειες: η συνεργατική οικονομία στο διαδίκτυο (Open licenses: the online cooperative economy)

Article of EFSYN, 04/06/2018

Commonslab, junio 2018

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Resumen :

An extremely useful, albeit unknown, tool for the development of the cooperative economy is so-called « open licenses ».

Licensing concerns the conditions under which a product is distributed. It is, therefore, a legal mechanism through which the producer-producer can determine the restrictions he wishes to impose on end-users of his products.

The highly licensed license, the copyright known to us, performs this function, rendering illegal (unlicensed) reproduction and redistribution of any product distributed under its terms.

As opposed to the copyright that, as we have said, is used to impose restrictions on the users of a product, open licenses are in place which allow the author to give the end users of their products the freedom to modify, reproduce and redistribute them .