Stir Magazine: winter edition 2019: Looking back, looking forwards

février 2019

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Land and Food — Carys Roberts & Kate Swade

“If UK politics moved to a position that acknowledged public assets should be used for collective benefit and are often best managed by those closest to them, community management and, where appropriate, ownership of land can more convincingly present itself as a core plank of the new economy. »

Community Economic Development — Frances Northrop

“ As a local practitioner, I have seen over the past ten years that an emphasis on self-determination without taking on global capital, the financialisation of everything, and the politics of austerity, inevitably limits activity and thwarts any kind of ‘scaling across’ needed for diverse, secure, and sustainable economies.”

Interview: Kali Akuno, Cooperation Jackson

“« During mayoral campaigns for the last election we realised we did not have a clear enough strategy or resources. I started calling the situation a ‘Syriza Trap’: if we assumed the mayor’s office with an obligation to manage the city’s affairs, we were putting ourselves in a position to administer austerity and privatisation.”

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