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Sustainable Development Goals & Malaysia society : Civil society perspectives

Siri Kertas Kajian Etnik UKM (UKM Ethnic Studies Paper Series) Institut Kajian Etnik (KITA) Bangi

Denison Jayasooria, 2016

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Résumé :

Sustainable Development Goals and Malaysia Society: Civil Society Perspectives documents the views of civil society leaders on the future path of the development agenda that Malaysia should adopt and implement – towards 2030.

The call here is for balanced development to ensure “no one will be left behind”. It is based on a holistic development paradigm which provides equal focus on people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. Therefore socio-economic development, human rights and environment are all essential dimensions of sustainable development.

This booklet is divided into two parts containing some reflections from the editor in part 1, and in part 2, reflections of civil society leaders based on the first discussion hosted in October 2016.

I have included a collective statement by CSOs on the SDGs. This reflects our concerns and recommendations including four detailed recommendations for implementation.