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London campus - IFLAS - University of Cumbria, UK – Certificate Sustainable Exchange

This course will be delivered at our London campus from March 18 - 21 2015. Participants are required to have completed an open online course over 3 weeks starting 16 February 2015.

Why study with us?

Economic and environmental crises are often in the news, yet social innovation is growing at pace.

Collaborative consumption systems like Airbnb, digital currencies like Bitcoin, local currencies like the Bristol Pound, gifting systems like, and sharing systems like TimeBanks UK, suggest that there could be a new paradigm emerging for how we organise our economic lives in ways that could restore community and the environment.

The aim of this Certificate of Achievement is for you to understand why and how to create, scale and evaluate digitally-enabled systems of ‘sustainable exchange’.

Sustainable exchange includes systems for giving, sharing, renting, exchanging, and funding, with or without official money.

We understand that this is the world’s first Masters-level course on digital currencies and the sharing economy.

What can this course lead to?

The course is worth 20 credit points at Masters level, and can be part of our Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership.

Resources and facilities

The course is taught as a four-day block at our London campus on the edge of the London Docklands financial centre, with structured online interaction beforehand, and an assessment to study for and write afterwards. Various online materials are supplied pre and post residential via our online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

The course involves walking tours in the Docklands on monetary history, visits to relevant initiatives, and guest lectures from leaders in the field.