Environment and Welfare.Towards a Green Social Policy.

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Edited by Tony Fitzpatrick, Michael Cahill, Palgrave Macmillan, New York, USA, enero 2003

Social policies of the future will have to be Green. As environmental problems multiply, and as welfare reform becomes more vital, so the debate concerning ecological social policies grows in importance. Yet what has been missing is a comprehensive review of the main questions, problems and themes that brings together the principal contributors to this debate.Environment and Welfare provides that review and so will be essential reading for all those interested in the welfare policies of the future.

Table of Contents

The New Environment of Welfare–T.Fitzpatrick & M.Cahill * The Ethical Foundations of Sustainable Society–J.Barry * Green Welfare: The Ideological Context–M.Humphrey * Green Democracy and Ecosocial Welfare–T.Fitzpatrick * Local Welfare: State and Society–M.Cahill * Quality of Life, Sustainability and Economic Growth–T.Jackson * The Sustainable Use of Resources–M.Huby * With No Strings Attached? Basic Income and the Greening of Security–T.Fitzpatrick * The Social Economy and Local Exchange and Trading Systems (LETS)–C.Williams * Working Time Reductions–A.Little * EcoTaxation in a Green Society–J.Robertson