Camille Meyer

Camille Meyer is currently undertaking a PhD in Management at CERMI under the supervision of professor Marek Hudon. His project focuses on issues pertaining to governance in Brazilian community development banks. He benefits from a fellowship from Interuniversity Attraction Pole on nonprofit and social entrepreneurship.

Following this line of research, he completed internships at the Palmas Institute and the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil). He also organized the 3rd Social and Solidarity Economy Academy in Morocco during an internship at the International Labor Organization. He also worked as consultant for organizing the 19th Microfinance Training Program of the Boulder Institute of microfinance.

Camille also holds Masters Degrees in both European and development studies from the Université libre de Bruxelles. He won two European awards for his dissertation on Brazilian community development bank Banco Palmas : the 2012 French award for cooperative research on development cooperation and the 2012 Belgian award for research on the social economy. In his study, he analyzed the governance of microcredit and social currency as commons.

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