Good Practice: Enhancing Food Security, Nutrition and Poverty Reduction through Self Help Groups

de Futuro del Trabajo: Buenas Prácticas de Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular (CSST) en Economía Social y Solidaria

Siddique Lubna, octubre 2019

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Resumen :

This Collection of 54 Good Practices focuses on solutions that illustrate SSTC good practices to promote decent work in social economy. It is aimed at expanding understanding of South-South and triangular cooperation at the global and regional level by providing a sound basis for discussion, but it is not exhaustive.

In South Punjab, Pakistan women are most marginalized, poor, malnutrition, food insecure and gender discriminated due to cultural, and low socio-economic conditions. Women suffer immense micro-nutrient deficiencies, which in turn, are adversely affecting their visibility and contribution to society.

To reduce the poverty, malnutrition and huger among rural community and particularly among poor women and their families, Women Self Help Groups were formed to strengthen farm-based enterprises and family farming initiatives. Through solidarity amount each woman was encouraged to buy a set of chickens, ducks or rabbits for rearing up to certain period of time, family consumption and business purpose.

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