Sowing the seeds of Solidarity Economy: Asian experiences

Benjamin R. Quiñones, Jr., 2012

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Resumen :

“Sowing the seeds of solidarity economy: Asian experiences”

is a very useful document which captures the emerging alternative

Asian models. It is launch during the Third Asian Forum for Solidarity

6 Sowing The Seeds of Solidarity Economy Economy in Kuala Lumpur (Oct 31-Nov. 2, 2011). This book will enrichthe learning journey process and lay the foundation of new comers.

Ben Quinones captures the vision, potential, achievements and

challenges faced by the early pioneers in social/solidarity economy in

Asia. Many of them are still actively working in the field and therefore

the presenters of new case studies can note the concerns of those who

went before them.

This book will also be a very useful tool for teachers, trainers and

students in social economy and social entrepreneurship especially from

reading of a vast cross section of Asian experiences with a tremendous

wealth of experiences from Philippines.

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