Defining performance in difficult times

Annual report 2020-21

ASSEFA, 2021

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Resumen :

When the first case of Covid-19 was detected in the early March 2020 in Tamil Nadu, nobody knew that the virus is going to stay for a long and will bring in fear and havoc among the people.

The impact of the virus on the human health on the one side, lockdown and fear on the other side, have affected the people in multi-dimensionally covering psychological, social and economic aspects.

ASSEFA, a pioneering Development Organization in India, was also affected in implementing the on-going programs in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. It has been working for the last fifty two years for the welfare of the rural people.

During this pandemic, some programs were slowed down, others like schools for children education was closed down and subsequently evolved a new strategy to engage the students in e-teaching technology.

New programs were also introduced for vulnerable specially widows,

deserted, destitute and aged women, farmers and rural youths to support milk producers. A newsletter on COVID 19 was initiated and circulated to all the friends, well-wishers and partners regularly to update them with the ground realities and what ASSEFA is doing to its affected people…

There were spontaneous responses from all the quarters with whom, ASSEFA has been Partnering with. Their blessings and generous support has enabled ASSEFA to carry on several services during this global pandemic period.