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Filzbach, Switzerland - Institute for Social Banking – Summer school 2013.Come Together: Social Banking & The Commons

Date: 14th - 19th July 2013

Venue: Seminarhotel Lihn

At our 2013 Summer School we will meet in the Swiss mountains to explore together how Social Banking can encourage and support initiatives and business ventures which cultivate our common, shared responsibility for:

  • the land, air, water and soil;

  • the services we need, like healthcare and learning;

  • the real places where we live;

  • the business and organisational structures we design;

  • and the cyber-spaces where we share information, ideas and possibilities.

We’ll draw on real-life examples from Social Banks and their clients, from people who work the common land and from theorists and practitioners concerned with the restoration of vital natural resources. In Switzerland, you’ll be meeting with and working alongside other bankers, academics and commoners from all over the world. Together we’ll look at the past with the history of enclosing the commons, interesting practice in the present and contemporary global movements against enclosure and the future possibilities which will enable the common rights and responsibilities to be re-established.

The Summer School will be a live, working inquiry into this important topic. Our aim is to understand and develop pioneering, entrepreneurial practices and policies that enable the commons to flourish for shared gain.


The following topics will be discussed during these days:

  • Introduction to the Commons

  • Our Indigenous Commons

  • Money and the Commons

  • Introduction to Social Banking

  • Organising and Financing Common Businesses

  • New Forms of Ownership: Community Connected Farming

  • Money as a Common

  • Alternative Currencies

  • Imagining a Common World / Society

For whom?

The Summer School brings together 80-100 persons:

  • Professionals who work for a social bank or mainstream bank who want to get insights and broaden their understanding about social banking

  • Students with interest in social banking and social finance

  • Individuals who are interested in social banking and who want to get to know it

  • People who are interested in structuring finance for the Commons


General structure:

  • Plenary sessions to generate a common understanding of the topic

  • Homegroups to dig deeper into topics of specific interest

  • A half-day “Open space” session where participants will have a chance to develop the content of the day using their own expertise and skill

  • Excursion