Transformations in the labor world

The deep and profound changes due to the technological revolution reinforce and increase the power of the capitalist logic on one side and deepen the problems on the other side. The author tries to demonstrate how these changes produce new contradictions that will allow, in a paradoxical manner, to surpass the actual modern-industrial-urban way of living.

Armando de Melo Lisboa, janeiro 1998

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We are undergoing a broader transformation of society which can be better defined by its civilizational character. This « civilizational mutation » has as one of its main components the vector of the current technological and organizational revolution, which directly affects the multiple productive forms. Within this complex civilizational transition, we find the labor world stirred up in a chaotic entanglement of frenzied transformations. In a society where « everything that is solid dissolves in the air », where the very concept of work undergoes deep changes, and it is even difficult to characterize the vanishing working class, what can we distinguish ? What can we affirm?