The International Fair Trade Charter

How the Global Fair Trade Movement works to transform trade in order to achieve justice, equity and sustainability for people and planet

setembro 2018

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The Fair Trade movement has come together with an International Fair Trade Charter (enclosed). The new Charter refreshes the vision of Fair Trade, proposing solutions and a viable alternative to a global economy that is driving inequality, poverty and ecological crisis. The Charter will be launched publicly on 25 September, on the third anniversary of the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.



Business and world leaders increasingly use the term “fair trade” but often pursue policies that undermine the values behind Fair Trade. Examples include US President Donald Trump, who has used the term to refer to new trade barriers that would favour developed economies. In the new Charter, we lay out what Fair Trade really means if it is fair for producers, workers and artisans.



The Global Fair Trade movement, networks and allies will make a public stand on 25 September 2018, uniting behind the true vision behind Fair Trade. In particular, we are planning to launch the new International reference point for Fair Trade, the International Fair Trade Charter. We plan to have a wide range of organisations (NGOs, social lending organisations, universities, enterprises), within and beyond the Fair Trade movement, supporting this statement on 25 September.

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