Under the flyover: Homeless people, Power of choice and the practice of authonomy through an exchange fair

Conjunctions, Transdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation, vol 5, n°1

Luciane Lucas Dos Santos, 2018

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Resumo :

As it is considered a flow zone, nobody pays attention to flyovers in the citiez nor to their regular inhabitants, homeless people. Regardless of their social invisibility, homeless people do not solely adopt strategies to fight against marginalisation but also attempt to achieve certain economic autonomy. This paper focuses on a local economic experience, where homeless people, under a large Brasilian flyover, get together to actively participate in an exchange fair where a social currency is used. I argue that we must draw attention to the emergence of different and complex forms of collaborative work and collective consumption, Since they may rescue citizenship, promote a certain kind of economic autonomy, and constitute a powerful tool against social invisibility. I also discuss the different consumption perspective that has been consolidated through this initiative, by bringing forward other forms of consumption not based on social distinction.