Meeting with Pass-ages – creation of a unique inhabitants’ cooperative project

Article from the RIPESS Europe newsletter - January 2021

SAW-B, gennaio 2021

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What if we imagined a place in the heart of Brussels where a birth home is next to a death home in the heart of an inter-generational group home? A place where all stages of life and different social levels are intertwined? This is the dream of Pass-ages. Over the past year, SAW-B’s support has focused on the housing aspect of the project and the creation of a residents’ cooperative. The objective of this mission was twofold: on the one hand to initiate a reflection on its governance and on the other hand on its economic viability. We met Sylvie Graffe, administrative and financial manager of the non-profit organisation Pass-ages and Chadi Cheikh-Ali, social enterprise advisor at SAW-B.

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