Podcast (in spanish)_ Interview with Ernestina in Dakar: Afro-Peruvian leader and care worker.

Article by Ripess Intercontinental, June 2023

Andrea Echeverría, junio 2023

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Resumen :

She understands the language of humanity, of the heart, and with smiles, Spanish and speaking with her hands, she got anywhere, even in a small village on the outskirts of Dakar, in Senegal.

That is where we met Ernestina. She is attentive, observant, petite, athletic woman. She is calm and confident, she listens before she speaks, with her ears, but also with her heart, and she was more than excited to come to Africa, the land of her ancestors, from where they left to be enslaved in AvyaYala many, but not so many years ago.

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