ANIMAR - Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento Local

Animar was created with the enthusiasm and activism of various citizens and civil society organizations that, with their hearts, their actions and reflections inspired individuals, organizations and policies.



Local development is the model that brings people closer to local and global problems, discusses solutions informally and horizontally, contributes to the feeling of equality, the one that best embraces diversity. It is with the simplicity of people and the complexity of organizations and territories, that local development is built in each of the “locations”. Local development is the holistic model of education for citizenship and equality, through common sense, commitment, participation, cooperation and empowering solidarity.



We believe that the path lies in the mobilization and consultation of civil society for the definition and construction of public policies with the State, we believe in the diversity of social organizations, agents and contexts of opportunity, as pillars of an integrated development, promoting ethics for the local development that we aspire to. This is the identity that unites organizations and individuals to the Animar network and, for this reason, it is the organization that the most bridges can create, the most apprenticeships and the greatest contribution it can make to the strengthening of civil society, with the values that unite us , listening to the differences and animating new and old spaces of relationship, being coherent between speech and action.



Animar is the network synergies for local development, uniting development agents and organizations in the construction of a challenging strategy, which presents itself with its independent and bold proposals for strengthening local development as a structuring model for valuing territories, of people and all living beings. Thus, to reaffirm Animar is to promote the diversity of development agents, proposals, organizations, dynamics and contexts, which elevate people and communities to the forefront of the development model.



It is with the people that development takes place, so it is also with the associates and associates of Animar (but also with its social and public partners) that you should seek the sustainability of your mission, not only centered on yourself, but network of synergies structuring practices and principles defended by most social organizations.



Chairman of Animar

Marco Domingues




Valuing, promoting and strengthening local development, active citizenship, equality and social cohesion in Portuguese society, as pillars of a more just, equitable, solidary and sustainable society.




To be recognized by civil society and the state, as the reference organization promoting integrated development, in the diversity of contexts, organizations and territories.




To be secular, non-partisan, autonomous from the State and promoting collective interests and representing civil society;

To be an organization of bridges for the convergence and consultation of civil society organizations, citizens, in reinforcing the common interest with the State;

Assume your identity in the diversity of organizations, individuals, territories and contexts of activity, and from there, highlight the multiplicity of local development models;

Assume the plurality of opinions and models of action as a challenge inherent to the promotion of integrated development and social cohesion;

Taking on new challenges based on “action-research” logics, of common interest, results

Un strumento pedagogico

Un studio di caso