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Dock Social Solidarity Zone

DOCK is a multidisciplinary team of twelve individuals, operating in a cooperative structure to provide support to entities / initiatives of the SEE through its core operations:


By providing Information, Educational Programs, Personalized Counseling, Seminars and Tools, but also through Networking and the Development of Collaborations with other entities, we aim to contribute in making SSE more visible by strengthening and enhancing the initiatives and their people.

Putting in good use our experience since 2012, when we began functioning as a Working Group for SSE within Solidarity for All, in 2016 after welcoming new members to our team, we created Dock, a new cooperative initiative, in order to support SSE entities / initiatives.

The valuable experience we gained the previous years enabled us to have an active role and participation, at a time when SSE in Greece experienced tremendous growth in which hundreds of new cooperative initiatives emerged.

During the recent years, we have supported old and new initiatives by providing advice, creating guides and tools for their development. We organized and participated in events promoting SSE in Greece, getting to know each area, its needs and its initiatives. We participated in the consultation of Law 4430/2016. We took part in a number of pan-European events, developing ties and synergies. A result of this networking is “Fruits of Solidarity”, which refers to the promotion of products of Greek cooperatives abroad through movements and collectives of active citizens. The campaign has traveled to Belgium, Berlin, Luxembourg and still continues …

At a time when Solidarity proved to be the most resilient material against market economy that seems unable to recover, we created the Dock – Cooperative Space for Social Solidarity Economy in order to support through our core operations (Infopoint, Helpdesk, Forum) SSE initiatives.

We envision an economic model that incorporates initiatives organized on the basis of collective ownership, management and work with democratic decisions and control. A model based on human needs and the specific circumstances and needs of each region, a market that contains sustainable and stable initiatives.

The name chosen for the infrastructure is the Dock. The dock has perspective. The dock is bustling with life and work. Particularly on our dock people talk, exchange opinions, carry and share experiences from afar, trade and secure the necessary provisions – on the open sea of the Social Solidarity Economy.

The field of social solidarity economy is a field that creates a completely different “bond” between the initiatives and between the field and the whole of society alike. Our mission is to contribute to the visibility of SSE and to highlight it as the way of economic and social entities based on the values of Solidarity, Sustainability and Social Justice. An economy whose profit is the social result it generates.