UH Vision 2010 Program in Cleveland, OH: Exemplary Purchasing by an Anchor Institution

Brief RELIESS n° 11

março 2014

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Vision 2010 was a strategy designed and implemented by the nonprofit University Hospitals (UH) in close partnership with the Office of the Mayor and local building trade unions. It established concrete goals pertaining to diversity and local impact in its procurement actions during a five-year construction program to build new facilities with a budget that totaled $1.2 billion.

The alliance between UH, the mayor, and the labour unions opened pathways to employment and business development. The Project Labour Agreement emerged as a national model and served as the foundation for the City of Cleveland’s new Community Benefits Agreement endorsed by Cleveland’s most important contractors, institutions, and companies. Inclusion, diversity, and local procurement are becoming the expected way of doing business in the City of Cleveland, thanks in large measure to the catalytic effect of Vision 2010.

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