Sito di risorse documentarie sull’economia sociale e solidale


RIPESS LAC is a continental network that brings together various community-based, associative, co-operative and mutual organisations as well as citizens’ movements that work towards the implementation of solidarity economy in Latin America. We contribute the production and sharing of resources and knowledge that creates the basis of an alternative movement to the current capitalist system.

Areas of work



RIPESS LAC work focuses on four main themes:

  • Solidarity finance

  • Fair trade and responsible consumption

  • Advocacy and building public policies

  • Development of coordination and economic inclusion mechanisms

This is linked to the following objectives:

  • Contribute to strengthening SSE as a sustainable alternative and systemic change

  • Influence and jointly build public policy with social movements and thus put forward proposals for important socio-economic and cultural change at national and regional level

  • Communicate information from all SSE network actors and beyond

  • Strengthen reflection on and dissemination of SSE.

Un video | Una carta/manifesto

Un video

Una carta/manifesto