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RIPESS EU – Solidarity Economy Europe is a Network of networks and initiatives for the promotion of Solidarity Economy in Europe. It includes 40 sectorial, national and inter-sectorial networks in 16 countries. RIPESS brings thousands of concrete experiences that identify as solidarity economy together in Europe: self-managed productive cooperatives, solidarity markets, responsible consumption and food sovereignty, time banks, proximity services, environmental and ecological initiatives, financial alternatives (local currencies, ethical finance), structures for the promotion gender equity, innovative educational experiences, fair trade enterprises, local development associations and more.

Areas of work

Federate actors and organisations in solidarity economy to proote new ways of production, consumption, finance and exchange

  • Make networks, actors and solidarity economy experiences visible, both internally and externally

  • Develop the scope of the network by bringing together all European regions

Develop joint advocacy to promote solidarity economy in Europe and throughout the world

  • Build a shared vision and promote it to European Institutions

Encourage co-operation between members

  • Share experience and good practice

  • Develop and promote economic cooperation between networks and solidarity economy actors

  • Build joint projects and develop collective intelligence

  • Ensure convergence with social movement actors that contribute to building a democratic, equitable and environmentally just society that preserves the planet.

Actively Contribute to the social movement for “another world is possible”

A video | 3 pedagogical tools | 4 Analyses/working papers/articles | 6 Charter/Manifesto

A video

3 pedagogical tools

4 Analyses/working papers/articles

6 Charter/Manifesto